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Was founded in 1989, so far, more than 20 years development course of shenzhen chaofa bearing manufacturing co.,ltd., adhering to the "customer is god" service concept, keep in mind the purpose, commitment, integrity management, from a little-known "mix" expanded gradually for the annual sales income over twenty million yuan of famous trade organizations, with the world top 500 enterprises, the Japanese company at present: sumitomo corporation, Toshiba, Fuji electric group, ricoh, ancient river group, YKK yoshida zipper group, etc.; Domestic companies are: tongda group, star group, more fish food, and many other companies for business cooperation, widely praised by customers.

Tide hair bearing with good business reputation to achieve the customer resources, the strong expansion of currently has to include dozens of international and domestic famous bearing production enterprises, with professional sales world-renowned brand bearings, oil seal as the breakthrough point, wholeheartedly for the social users with various types of high quality bearing, oil seal products. In addition, the company also set up several distribution company in the surrounding cities, which is the foundation for stable development of the enterprise organization and marketing network.

Tide bearing set supply and sales in a body, walk "trade, distribution and logistics of chain operation mode of" a dragon ", strive to build brand strategy. In the "city" reputation continuously penetrate the user at the same time, in the heart of its products quickly occupied the buyer's market, sales network throughout inside and outside the Great Wall, the great river north and south. Special performance, outstanding contributions, many times by the relevant departments of recognition, former justice minister Mr Zou Yu readily inscribed with the name of the company incentive for the firm.

My company has enough to stand out in the industry, thanks to the bearing manufacturers has always been sincere cooperation; Thanks to the longer past the trust and support of users. "A hold 'wet hair' hands, will always be friends" is our eternal faith. We will with one hundred times efforts, sincere service, periodical erects the platform to build between the supply and sales, let the "tide" toward a higher, farther goals!